Zabawa w literki (MBTI) i testy osobowości

Czy literki to druga w kolejności najważniesza rzecz w życiu (po lajkach)?

  • Tak!

    Votes: 15 33,3%
  • Nie!

    Votes: 11 24,4%
  • Nie wiem.

    Votes: 3 6,7%
  • Wiem, ale nie powiem.

    Votes: 7 15,6%
  • Nie obchodzi mnie to, ale się wypowiem.

    Votes: 9 20,0%

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Jak pierwszy raz robilam test, to mialam INTP (T chyba) .
Teraz mam INFP-T


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Why the Myers-Briggs Test Is Hogwash​

inFact with Brian Dunning
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The Myers-Briggs personality test is used throughout society and many just assume it to be meaningful. The science shows otherwise. At some point in your life you've probably been given the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator test, and been assigned a 4-letter personality type. You were probably given the test by an employer, recruiter, or maybe a coach who hoped to help you find some life direction in which you would be the most successful. The promise is almost like having a crystal ball: will you be a better manager or a better employee? Should you work in this field or that field? In some cases, important life decisions are made for people based only on this test.
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