Islamistyczna muzyka :)


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I am an Islamist
I am the antichrist
Most squares can't make Most Wanted lists
But my my how I stay in style
Cops chased me out of my Mother's womb
My crib was in State Pen before age two and
The Feds had bugged my red toy phone
So I devised a plan for heads to roll...

Sharia Law in the USA
Sharia Law cuz we've had to pay

For what the white man can take with two free hands
Imagine our debts - cut in half
Our wive's multiplied by the number four
Why the president's daughter's couldn't ask for more...
One can lick my Afghan's clit
Wife three's ready to help as I keep scrеaming
'Penetrate mе with a strap-on dick'
While a brother from new orleans does you Anally

Sharia Law in the USA
Sharia Law or you'll have to pay
Do góry Bottom