Czerwony terror, czeka, bolszewicy


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Wątek o czerwonym terrorze nagle zmienił się w wątek o Żydach i to zanim została poruszona kwestia udziału w nim Żydów.

Uderz w stół, a nożyce które są w szufladzie w kredensie same się odzywają.


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Tutaj jest też coś o naginaniu szacunków:

The “5 million” has driven Holocaust historians to distraction ever since Wiesenthal started to peddle it in the 1970s. Wiesenthal told the Washington Post in 1979, “I have sought with Jewish leaders not to talk about 6 million Jewish dead, but rather about 11 million civilians dead, including 6 million Jews.”

Yehuda Bauer, an Israeli Holocaust scholar who chairs the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, said he warned his friend Wiesenthal, who died in 2005, about spreading the false notion that the Holocaust claimed 11 million victims – 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews.

“I said to him, ‘Simon, you are telling a lie,’” Bauer recalled in an interview Tuesday. “He said, ‘Sometimes you need to do that to get the results for things you think are essential.’”

Bauer and other historians who knew Wiesenthal said the Nazi hunter told them that he chose the 5 million number carefully: He wanted a number large enough to attract the attention of non-Jews who might not otherwise care about Jewish suffering, but not larger than the actual number of Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust, 6 million.

It caught on: President Jimmy Carter, issuing the executive order that would establish the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, referred to the “11 million victims of the Holocaust.”

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Demonstracje w Boliwii po wyborach 20 października. Policja dołączyła do buntu - maszeruje z ludźmi w La Paz.

" The thing is, Evo Morales and his team won this last elections by manipulating and interfering the votes, most of the People don't what him anymore in the government, besides this, his candidature is not even legal anymore, he lost a referendum but he didn't even care, so that's why People are mad and been protesting for two weeks, there have been a lot of fights between the People who want to protect the democracy and the ones who support his team, but now police have opened their eyes and rised against the government too."
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